Who Is Evan W. Walker?

Evan W. Walker is a La Jolla attorney who has practiced law since 2008. He has practiced law throughout California, Connecticut, and Louisiana.

Evan worked for and defended insurance companies during the first 7 years of his practice. Since 2015, he has represented people with serious personal injury claims and significant property damage claims.

evan walker San Diego attorneyEvan’s practice is devoted to serious personal injury claims and catastrophic property damage claims. Areas of focus include traumatic brain injury claims, security claims against bars and other businesses, government tort claims, fire and flood claims, and inverse condemnation. On behalf of clients, Evan has fought insurance firms, international companies, cities, bars, and casinos.

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Evan regularly shares his expertise with other attorneys by teaching courses on insurance and inverse condemnation. He has taught several continuing legal education courses to Attorney Credits, a nationwide CLE company, and ProLawCLE, another nationwide CLE company. He also contributes to various podcasts and publications.

Evan is also regularly interviewed by San Diego television stations. See his YouTube page for interviews.

Evan is from a small town outside of New Orleans. He attended law school in New Orleans, which was interrupted by Hurricane Katrina. After evacuating to Houston, Evan graduated in 2008 as part of the ‘Hurricane Katrina Class.’ After graduation, Evan worked for a New Orleans insurance defense firm defending insurance companies against Hurricane Katrina lawsuits. In 2010, he and his wife moved to New Haven, Connecticut, so his wife could complete a medical residency at Yale. During the next few years, Evan worked for Travelers Insurance Company defending countless personal injury lawsuits. In 2015, Evan opened his own practice in La Jolla to represent people with personal injury and property damage claims and insurance disputes.

Evan and his wife, an infectious disease doctor, have two sons, Noah and Isaac.

Looking For A San Diego Personal Injury Lawyer Or A San Diego Property Damage Lawyer?

Why hire Evan as your San Diego Personal Injury Lawyer or San Diego Property Damage Lawyer?

  • You will NOT be ignored. Evan handles all aspects of your case and will not pass you off to a secretary, paralegal, or junior lawyer.
  • You WILL be informed. Client communication is key. Evan promptly returns client’s calls, emails, and texts. And he provides constant client updates about the case.
  • Your time will NOT be wasted. Evan handles your claim with precision, determination, and confidence. Time will not be wasted.
  • You will hire an attorney who is KNOWLEDGABLE. Evan spent years working for insurance companies and he knows what to do and what to avoid when dealing with them. Clients should hire an attorney who has practiced law on both sides of the “fence.”
  • You will hire an attorney who is HONEST. Evan strives to be straightforward and earnest with his clients. He will not overpromise and is upfront with his fees. Evan will focus on the client’s best interest. And he will provide a realistic assessment of what can and should be done.

What Is A Contingency Fee?

Consultations are free. Personal injury claims and most property damage claims are done on contingency. That means Evan is not paid unless you win. Evan’s success is tied directly to your success.

Why Hire A Lawyer?

If you don’t hire a lawyer you’re on your own. You will face insurance companies alone. You will have to deal with important deadlines on your own. And you will have to navigate the legal system’s confusing array of rules and procedures on your own. It’s hard to go at it alone.

It’s better to contact a San Diego Personal Injury and Property Damage Attorney who can give you a free consultation about your case. It’s better to have an attorney by your side who can battle the insurance companies and help navigate through the legal system. The right attorney saves both time and money.

How To Contact?

Contact Me for a free consultation.

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