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Here are some helpful things you should know. 

What To Do After A Car Collision 

  1. Get medical help immediately if you’re in pain and the injuries are serious. Call 911 or the police. 
  2. Move your car to the side of the road. 
  3. Take photos of the car damage
  4. Take a photo of other driver’s insurance card and license plate
  5. Report the collision to your insurance company. 

Common Reasons For Car Accidents  

This is obvious: inattention, or negligence. But more specifically:

  1. Speeding; 
  2. Reckless driving; 
  3. Drunk driving; 
  4. Lane-changing; 
  5. Tailgating; 
  6. Roadway defects; 
  7. Texting or talking. 

Types Of Car Accidents

Here are some types of car accidents that your San Diego Car Accident Lawyer can help you with:

  1. Head-on;
  2. T-bone;
  3. Side swipe;
  4. Rear-end;
  5. Drunk driving; and
  6. Uninsured/Underinsured (known as UM/UIM).

What Kinds Of Injuries Are Caused By San Diego Car Crashes?

Unfortunately, lots. Here are some of the most common:

  1. Head injuries, like traumatic brain injuries (these are serious injuries); 
  2. Spinal cord injuries (serious injuries too); 
  3. Neck injuries; 
  4. Back injuries; 
  5. Whiplash.

What Damages Are Recoverable For A Car Accident?

  1. Past medical expenses or bills; 
  2. Future medical expenses or bills; 
  3. Past lost wages; 
  4. Future lost wages; 
  5. Impairment of earning capacity (e.g., inability to earn as much money as before);
  6. General damages (e.g., pain, suffering, mental anguish).

Do you have more questions about recoverable damages? Then read “Personal Injury Settlement Calculator?”

What Are The Most Dangerous Intersections In San Diego?

Don’t worry, the news covered it!

Here’s what they say:

  • 4th Avenue & B Street
  • 5th Avenue & B Street
  • 6th Avenue & Broadway
  • Coronado Avenue & Thermal Avenue
  • Euclid Avenue & Naranja Street
  • El Cajon Boulevard & 36th Street
  • University Ave & 52nd Street

San Diego Car Accident Statistics

Perhaps you wanted to know about San Diego Car Accident Statistics. Here’s a link to those statistics , and here are some highlights from the 2019 data:

  • 19,928 people were either injured or killed in San Diego car accidents; 
  • 2518 San Diego car accidents involved alcohol
  • 1196 San Diego car accidents involved pedestrians
  • 4722 were because of speeding

How Long Do You Have To File Suit For A Car Accident?

Generally speaking, you have 2 yrs. Here’s Evan’s blog about the statute of limitations

It can get complicated. For example, if a San Diego police officer hit you (a case Evan handled), a different time period may apply. You may want to read  Can I Sue the Police for Hitting My Car During a Police Chase?

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