Property owners are responsible for keeping their premises free from defects. Premise liability claims happen in all types of places: homes, businesses, playgrounds, construction sites, bars, public spaces, hotels, and condos. It is important to know that other parties besides the property owner may be responsible.

You should contact a knowledgeable and experienced San Diego Premise Liability Lawyer. Call Evan, you won’t be ignored!

Evan has seen premise liability cases from both the defense and the plaintiff side. He knows how to defend a premise liability case, and he knows how a premise liability case can be successful. Not many San Diego Premise Liability Lawyers have that experience.

What’s Involved In A Premises Liability Case?

A San Diego Premise Liability Attorney must show 1) that the defendant owed the injured person a duty of care; 2) a dangerous condition existed on the property; and 3) that dangerous condition caused injury.

Because premises liability accidents are based in negligence, it’s important to know the law of negligence in California. Read Evan’s blog for more info: What is the law on negligence in California?

What Is A Premises Liability Claim?

There can be all types of premises liability claims. For example:

  1. Slip and fall incidents (this can be at grocery stores, retail stores, really, any kind of commercial space); 
  2. Dog bite claims; 
  3. Bar battery and assault claims; 
  4. Criminal conduct at a hotel or home; 
  5. Falls on public sidewalks; 
  6. Incidents at someone’s home (it could involve a pool or a tree or basically whatever).

Generally speaking, there really are all types of premises liability claims. 

What To Do Right After You’re Injured?

This is crucial. Take a picture of the defective condition! 

You will likely be in pain and in shock. But don’t forget to photograph the defective condition. For example, the defective condition could be water on the floor or a crack in the sidewalk. 

If you can’t show what the condition looked like at or near the time of the incident, that could hurt your case. 

If you can’t do it, call Evan and, if he can help, he’ll get it done!

What Damages Are Recoverable For A Premises Liability Accident?

Recoverable damages for a premises liability accident include past and future medical expenses, lost wages and earning capacity, and money for pain and suffering.

Here’s some more info: Personal Injury Damages Calculator

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