Involved in a car accident with a San Diego police officer? Read this: Can I Sue The Police For Hitting My Car?

Do you have a premise liability claim involving public property?  You should contact a San Diego Government Liability Lawyer.

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Claims against the City of San Diego or other municipalities are governed by different rules and are subject to strict timelines! You should find a San Diego Government Liability Lawyer who won’t waste time or be scared to sue the government. Read Evan’s blog on How to file a claim against the City of San Diego.

Do you have a personal injury claim involving the City of San Diego or other municipality? Contact Evan, a San Diego Government Liability Lawyer.

Evan has sued the City of San Diego, County of San Diego, City of San Jose, and County of San Bernardino, among others. Some of these cases were covered by the news. See his YouTube page for some of his cases against the City of San Diego.

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What Damages Are Recoverable For A Government Liability Case?

Recoverable damages for a San Diego government liability case include past and future medical expenses, lost wages and earning capacity, and money for pain and suffering.

How To Sue The City of San Diego?

Here is Evan’s blog on that exact topic: How to file a claim against the City of San Diego

You must timely complete and serve the city’s claim form. Here’s a link to the form: Claim Against the City of San Diego

That process is governed by CA Govt Code § 945.4. If the City of San Diego does not accept the claim, then you can sue the City of San Diego. Generally speaking, you have 6 months to sue. 

What Are The Deadlines For Bringing A Claim Against The City Of San Diego?

The deadlines for bringing a claim against the City of San Diego and any other government entity in California are, generally, 6 months from the date of the incident or 12 months, depending on the type of incident. 

There are two time categories: 6-month claims and 1-year claims.

Claims “relating to” causes of action for death, injury to person, injury to personal property, and injury to growing crops must be filed within 6 months after a cause of action accrues. Claims relating to “any other” cause of action (e.g., damage to real property and most actions for breach of contract) must be filed within 1 year after accrual. See CA Govt C § 911.3. 

What Is The California Govt Torts Claims Act?

The California Govt Torts Claims Act is a set of laws that allow people to bring claims against their government in California. Of course the reality is more complicated. 

You can think of the Act as having 2 main sections: 1) liabilities; and 2) immunities. Liabilities are what you can sue the government for, and immunities are defenses that the government can raise against your lawsuit. 

What Are Common Types Of Claims Brought Under The California Govt Torts Claims Act?

Common types of claims include the following:

  1. Govt Code § 835 claims, or claims for dangerous conditions of public property; these can include car crashes due to roadway defects, slip and falls on public sidewalks, or premises liability claims; 
  2. Torts arising from police activity; 
  3. Medical and public health activities; and 
  4. Activities to abate an impending peril (e.g., landslides).

What Are Common Immunities Asserted Under The California Govt Tort Claims Act?

A lot. But here are some common immunities:

  1. No liability is imposed by statute; 
  2. Public employee is immune, so the public entity is immune; 
  3. Discretionary acts under Govt Code § 820.2; and
  4. Remedial action immunity under Govt Code § 866(a).

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