Was your home or business damaged by water? Call Evan, a San Diego Property Damage Lawyer who has experience with water damage claims .

You need to distinguish between water damage and flood damage. The former is covered, but the latter is not. And you must determine the extent of water damage and its lingering effects on your property. If you are disputing with your insurance company about water damage, you should contact a San Diego Property Damage Lawyer experienced with these claims. Read Evan’s blog about “El Niño Cometh: Understanding your Homeowners Policy.”

While living in New Orleans, Evan worked for insurance companies defending water and flood claims caused by Hurricane Katrina. He read through dozens of insurance policies to determine ways to deny claims. That’s what insurance companies require. Now Evan’s fighting back.


Evan W. Walker - Property Damage Attorney Experience with Water Damage Claims
Water Damage Claims Attorney


If your property or business sustained water damage and there’s a dispute between you and the insurance company, contact Evan, a San Diego Property Damage Lawyer who handles water damage claims.

Evan’s first years of law practice were spent defending Hurricane Katrina claims in New Orleans. He understands the tricks insurance companies use to deny your claim.

His office is in La Jolla, and he represents property damage clients in La Jolla, Bird Rock, Pacific Beach, Mission Beach, Ocean Beach, Point Loma, UTC, and all throughout San Diego County and Southern California. Evan is determined to find his clients full and fair compensation.

Call (858) 324-6606 for your free consultation.

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