Bad faith claims can be complicated because they involve tort law in the context of contract law. Different damages are at issue and different standards are at play. You should find a San Diego Property Damage Lawyer who understands those distinctions. It’s important to find a San Diego Bad Faith Attorney who understands how insurance claims work. Read Evan’s blog on “How insurance claims work.”

And you’d better find a fighter, because once you allege bad faith against an insurance company, they hire teams of defense lawyers to fight those allegations vigorously. Don’t expect an easy win. But don’t give up either. Insurance companies still commit bad faith even after decades of bad faith litigation.

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Did you have a property damage claim and the insurance company was dragging its feet? Was your claim improperly handled? Was it wrongly denied?

Contact Evan, a lawyer experienced with insurance claims and who used to work for insurance companies. Evan teaches other lawyers about insurance.

Call Evan, a San Diego Property Damage and Bad Faith Lawyer who handles bad faith claims against insurance companies. He’s highly rated by former clients. Read more at Reviews.

If you think you have a bad faith claim against your insurance company, contact Evan, a San Diego Property and Bad Faith Damage Lawyer who handles bad faith claims.

Evan’s first years of law practice were spent defending Hurricane Katrina claims in New Orleans. He understands the tricks insurance companies use to deny your claim.

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