What to do if you’re hit by a semi-truck

The road goes ever on

– J.R.R. Tolkien

That’s an unpleasant question, but not as unpleasant as being hit by a semi-truck.

Here’s what to do if you’re hit by a semi-truck (besides, of course, seeking medical attention):

  • Call the police. This allows the police to issue a report, which should contain the identity of the parties involved, the applicable insurance, ownership of the truck, driving violations, and statements. Be sure to ask the police for the report number so you can order the report later.
  • Take photos of any car damage. Also photograph the area of the truck that hit your car and the truck’s license plate.
  • Report the accident to your auto insurance company. Don’t sign anything they send you, however, without first speaking to an attorney.
  • Don’t talk to the trucker’s insurance company, and don’t sign anything that insurance company sends you.
  • Similarly, don’t give a recorded or written statement to either insurance company.

And here are some things to know about trucking accidents:

  • Truckers are subject to state and federal laws and regulations. These laws and regulations govern everything to driving to insurance. It’s best to know what laws and regulations are applicable.
  • A claim could be brought against the driver, if he or she is an independent contractor. Or a claim could be brought against the trucker’s company. Have an attorney assist you in that determination.

To summarize, if you’re injured in a semi-truck accident, you should speak with a Truck Accident Attorney near you before signing anything from any insurance company.


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