Injured in a car accident?

Get medical help, document the damage, identify the witnesses, and DON’T talk to the insurance company. Talk to a San Diego Car Accident Attorney. Call Evan.

What damages are recoverable for a car accident?

Recoverable damages for a San Diego car accident include past and future medical expenses, lost wages and earning capacity, and money for pain and suffering. Don’t trust the insurance company to take care of you.

Contact Evan, a San Diego Car Accident Lawyer. Evan handles all types of car accidents. He has extensive experience with car accident cases and has represented clients injured in car accidents with police, commercial truck drivers, and uninsured drivers. Evan knows how to take care of your case.

Remember that insurance companies ARE NOT ON YOUR SIDE!

Read Evan’s blog on Personal Injury Settlement Calculator for information about damages. And yes, you can sue the police for a car accident. Read Can I Sue the Police for Hitting My Car During a Police Chase? Here are more helpful blogs about car accidents:

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Because car accidents are based in negligence, it’s important to know the law of negligence in California. Read Evan’s blog for more info: What is the law on negligence in California?

Types of car accidents

Here are some types of car accidents that your San Diego Car Accident Lawyer can help you with:

  • Head-on;
  • T-bone;
  • Side swipe;
  • Rear-end;
  • Drunk driving; and
  • UM/UIM.

As a former insurance defense lawyer, Evan knows the tactics insurance companies use to reduce the value of your claim. Schedule a free consultation with Evan and don’t let the insurance company win.

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I would highly recommend Evan. He is very thorough and walks you through every aspect of your case and keeps you constantly up to date on all the details. My wife and I are very pleased with the outcome of our case due to his experience and diligence in representing us and fighting for our case against a large insurance company who was trying to take advantage and ignore their liability to us.

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