Do you have a Business Interruption Claim? Do you know how to make one? Do you know what one is? Here’s some help: How to file a business interruption claim.

Was your business interruption claim denied? Do you not know if you have a business interruption claim?

Business interruption insurance litigation is a complicated area of law. Not a lot of lawyers know about it.

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Evan worked for and defended insurance companies during the first 7 years of his practice. During that time, he defended insurance companies against a large Hurricane Katrine business interruption claim. He knows business interruption claims from both defense and plaintiff perspectives.

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As a former insurance defense attorney, Evan saw how insurance companies minimize business interruption claims. That’s because they can be valuable.

Business interruption compensates the business for loss of income caused by an inability to carry on normal business operations due to damage to the business’s building.

Evan W. Walker - Business Interruption Claims
Business Interruption Claims Attorney

If you have a business interruption claim, contact Evan, a San Diego Property Damage Lawyer who handles business interruption claims.

Evan’s first years of law practice were spent defending Hurricane Katrina claims in New Orleans. He understands the tricks insurance companies use to deny your claim.

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