Electric Bicycle Accidents

Injured in a LimeBike or ofo accident? Call Evan, a San Diego Electric Bike Accident Attorney.

LimeBike & ofo Accident Attorney

Were you injured while riding a LimeBike or ofo?

Who to sue depends on the type of accident. The success of any lawsuit, however, depends on whether there’s liability and liability insurance.

LimeBike & ofo Car Accidents

If you’re hit by a car while riding a LimeBike or ofo, you could sue the driver of the car. There’s a strong chance the driver is liable for failing to follow the rules of the road.

Get the driver’s name and insurance information. At a minimum, get the license plate number. Call the police and get the names of any witnesses. The driver should have liability insurance under their auto policy.

LimeBike & ofo Pedestrian Accidents

If you’re walking and a LimeBike or ofo hits you, you could sue the rider of the bike. There’s a good chance they’re liable. They could have liability insurance under their homeowners, renters, or condo policy.

Identify who the rider is: you at least need a name and number. Take a photo of their drivers license if you can, or call the police and ask the rider to stay put. If you can’t identify them you can’t sue them.

LimeBike & ofo Crash

If you’re riding a LimeBike and hit a pothole, you could sue the City of San Diego. The City of San Diego is liable for dangerous conditions on its roads. If you crashed your LimeBike or ofo because of a dangerous condition on a San Diego road, consider filing a government tort claim. 

Here’s how: How to file a claim against the City of San Diego.

LimeBike & ofo Accidents

If you’re riding a LimeBike or ofo and another LimeBike or ofo rider hits you, consider suing that rider. But make sure they, not you, were responsible for the accident. If they were liable, then you could recover under their liability insurance.

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It’s important to know the rules so you can determine where fault lies. A San Diego Rideshare Bike Accident Attorney can provide that information.

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