Evan W. Walker - Life Insurance Attorney Handling Accidental Death Benefits Denial
Evan W. Walker – Death Benefits Denial

Did the life insurance company deny your claim for accidental death benefits under your life insurance policy? Then call Evan, a San Diego Life Insurance Lawyer who represents clients whose claim for accidental death benefits has been denied.

Accidental death benefits (Accidental Death or Dismemberment or ADD) may be part of or separate from your life insurance policy. What matters, however, is whether the life insurance company legally denied your claim.

A life insurance lawyer who handles denials of ADD benefits can make that determination. That determination mainly rests on 2 issues: (1)  whether certain policy exclusions are applicable; and (2) proper interpretations of medical evidence. Legal analysis and medical sophistication are needed to address those issues.

If the life insurance company claim denied your claim for ADD coverage, then contact Evan, a San Diego Life Insurance Lawyer. Evan represents life insurance beneficiaries whose life insurance claims were wrongly delayed or denied. He works closely with medical professionals well-versed in medicolegal cases in order to handle your claim with legal and medical precision.

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