Were trees damaged on your property? Concerned about your neighbors’ trees?

If so, you should speak to a California Tree Damage Lawyer. Call Evan, who has experience representing clients who have had tree damage.

It’s important to speak to an attorney who has experience in the area of California Tree Damage because the law is confusing.

For example, there are several types of damages you may recover. Health and Safety Code 13007 states that anyone who sets fire to a tree is responsible for “any” harm to the tree.


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Tree Damage Claims Attorney


And there are several multipliers used which can increase the damages you may recover. If the destruction of the trees was intentional, then the recoverable damages are “treble” (or triple) the ordinary measure of damages per Civil Code 3346. If, however, the destruction was casual or involuntary, then the recoverable damages are double. See Civil Code 3346.

And Code of Civil Procedure 733 allows “treble” damages for any injury to trees.

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